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Becky Lynch discusses how she handles bad WWE creative ideas

There are always those moments where fans are scratching their heads at creative ideas from WWE. The talent is no different.

The Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was on the most recent episode of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions. In that, she discussed how she handles poor creative ideas that are presented to her from WWE creative.

It is a very “pick your battles” reaction when it comes to speaking up.

“I might get a creative text on a Sunday night, ‘what the!’ and throw the phone across the room,” Lynch told Steve Austin on The Broken Skull Sessions. “But when you go in it’s like, ‘Well, perhaps this would be better if it’s done like this.’ Sometimes you walk that fine line of ‘how do I make this better?’ Or sometimes you can change it completely.

“So it’s knowing what day and what battles to fight and what hill to die on,” Lynch continued. “Is this the hill to die on? Okay, no. Is it going to make a difference two weeks from now? No, alright, then we’ll just find a way to make this better.” [h/t – Wrestling Inc.]

She further adds that Vince McMahon is very set in his ways when it comes to what he wants to happen.

“Sometimes he’s very set in his ways, very set in his ways,” Lynch explained. “So then you have to go, ‘How do I make this make sense for me? How do I make his vision come to life and also be something I believe in too?’”

Coming off of her victory against Doudrop at the Royal Rumble, Lynch is set to defend her Raw Women’s Title against Lita at the upcoming Elimination Chamber event on Feb. 19.

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