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Becky Lynch discusses the rise in popularity of WWE’s women’s division

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In an interview with Gorilla Position podcast, SmackDown Superstar Becky Lynch discussed her thoughts on the current WWE Women’s division, the rise in their popularity and witnessing Charlotte Flair and Sasha BanksHell in a Cell main event match. Highlights of the interview below.

On the current era of WWE’s Women’s Division: “I don’t think there’s ever been a time quite like it. We’ve always had phenomenal athletes and workers. Going back: Lita, Trish, Jazz, Beth Phoenix, Natalya. There just has always been an amazing array of wonderful talent but we’ve never had the spotlight that we have right now, which has just been unbelievable and getting the opportunities that we’re getting right now. And delivery, that’s the thing. You know, we’re getting the opportunities and we’re knocking it out the park every time.”

On the rise of WWE’s emphasis on their Women’s Division: “It’s a global thing, isn’t it? We see with sports. It’s changing all over the world with women’s rugby teams, just knocking it out of the park. Women’s boxing, women’s MMA, we’re getting highlighted more in sports, just as women across the board, in general. But I feel like with WWE, what happened was that there was a group of us in NXT, we really just had this vision and we wanted to make ourselves stand out in a certain way. It wasn’t so much of a revolution as it was a little good workfare. We just kept having great matches and we were given the opportunity to do so. We were given the time to do so and we were able to deliver. That’s what happened. We constantly delivered and I think they saw that and realized that there was such a market and with Total Divas, so many more women getting into wrestling from that show. So it really had this whole knock-on effect where we’re just getting more of a spotlight and more of a fan base. That fan base kept growing and then we had the Women’s Revolution.”

Her favorite thing about the Women’s roster: “Personally, I was a tom boy when I was a kid. I had an older brother who I just idolized, still do, and just wanted to watch everything he did, do everything he did and that was how I got into it. But I see these little girly girls that are loving it now. That is the great thing about the women’s roster, is that there is somebody for everyone to relate to. Whether it’s guys or girls. Whether you’re super girly or like wearing leopard print, you’ve got Carmella there. Or you like pigtails, you’ve got Alexa Bliss. If you like orange hair and going crazy, then you’ve got Becky Lynch. There’s something for everybody and there’s something for every guy as well. There’s always somebody you can relate to and I think that’s been the catalyst in getting more of a young girl fan base.”

On Charlotte and Sasha’a Hell in a Cell match: “It’s incredible because you know, Charlotte is my best friend and Sasha has been there for me since I joined NXT as well. She helped me out immensely and I’ve had some of my favorite matches with her along with Bayley. The four of us are called The Four Horsewomen and it’s something that we’ve all wanted to do and wanted to achieve, to be the main event on a PPV. They did it and this is just the start. It’s just inspirational because it lets all of us know it’s possible and that’s exactly what we’re working for. They went in and beat the tar out of each other, I was worried for them.”

Becky also discusses training with Finn Bálor, failing PE in school, the art behind wrestling and her future wrestling goals.

You can listen to the full interview here.

What did you think of the interview? What have been some of your favorite Becky Lynch matches? What do you think is next for the women in WWE? Let us know in the comments below!

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