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Becky Lynch is PWI readers’ “Woman of the Year”

Pro Wrestling Illustrated is known for releasing the PWI Female 50 since 2008. This past November, they released PWI Women’s 100, with the change due to an evolution in women’s wrestling. As previously reported by Diva Dirt, the list is ranked based off of kayfabe factors.

Even though the criteria was known, this did not stop the controversy over who was no. 1 on the list; Ronda Rousey. Rousey was ranked no. 1 based on many factors, including her win and loss record. With having an undefeated streak and very few matches, many felt that the Rousey was undeserving of the top spot.

Regardless of how the fans felt about who topped the list, Becky Lynch had a stellar year. Using the time frame that is used by PWI to create the list, however, Lynch’s push was a little too late. Lynch placed at no. 11 on the list.

Readers can also vote for multiple categories for PWI‘s end-of-year titles. For the “Woman of the Year” category, Lynch finally captured that top stop at no. 1. Per Wrestling Inc., Lynch’s win was a close vote between her and Rousey.

The voting between the top two spots was extremely close, coming in at a margin of only four percent. Lynch grabbed the top prize with 40 percent of the vote. Lynch and Rousey sat high above the other candidates, with Asuka and Tessa Blanchard far behind as runner-ups. Asuka was 2017’s “Woman of the Year” recipient.

Rousey did end up snagging the “Rookie of the Year” category. She stole that honor with 87 percent of the vote. This result nearly beat the Big Show’s record, who holds the record at 88 percent since 1996.

Nia Jax was the last woman to win the “Rookie of the Year” category, in 2016.

Readers can check out the special year end awards issue of PWI by buying the digital edition here. Read the entire article from Wrestling, Inc. regarding Lynch’s honor here.

Do you think that Becky Lynch deserves the award?

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