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Watch WWE Superstars’ Viking wedding

Sarah Logan and Raymond Rowe at their Viking wedding reception. (Source

An upside of the death of kayfabe has been opportunities for fans to learn more about the lives of their favorite wrestlers, who can be some pretty unique people. For example, today, the WWE Performance Center YouTube channel uploaded a ten-minute video depicting the Viking-themed wedding of Sarah Logan of the Riott Squad and Raymond Rowe of the War Raiders; what Logan called “the most beautiful day of [her] life.”

Logan and Rowe talk about how their relationship turned from one of best friends to spouses, and Rowe calls Logan his “inspiration” and “why I sacrifice, why I work hard.” Logan, choking up, calls Rowe “the best person I know.”  

WWE fans know that Rowe and Logan’s enthusiasm for Viking culture and imagery extends to their wrestling personas, something the performers talk about in this video, as well. The couple reveals that this is a passion they developed together. Rowe describes them as “modern Vikings”, and says he lives “a modern life influenced by ancient Viking principals, warrior codes, warrior disciple…”, as the video shows Logan, Rowe, and their friends and family in traditional Viking garb. The wrestlers are shown using Viking weapons, participating in the marriage ceremony, and playing traditional games at the reception.

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, Hanson Rowe, Tegan Nox, and Logan’s fellow Riott Squad members Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan, were guests at the wedding, and can be seen wearing Viking garb in the video, as well.

Morgan shows a different side of her from what we see on WWE programming, as she tearfully toasts the newlyweds, saying, “I know that this is forever, and I’m so happy for you guys.”

Riott also toasts the couple, adding, “I’m very honored to know you both and I’m very grateful that you guys are in our lives.”

Duke describes Logan and Rowe as “inspiring” and Nox calls their’s “the best relationship [she’s] ever seen… something that I can hope and dream for.” Baszler remarks that “Sarah and Ray set a standard for how two people should be. It makes me believe in stuff.”

Is it possible these two could join the ranks of real-life WWE couples in a future Mixed Match Challenge? If so, hopefully they’ll bring some of these swords.

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