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Stardom World is about to get way easier to use

Japanese women’s wrestling promotion World Wonder Ring Stardom announced today from their official English-language Twitter account that they will significantly update their Stardom World streaming service, later this month.

The promotion says their new website will “go live on January 29” and will be “way more streamlined, modern, and ‘2019’ than what we have had for the past three years.” The site’s new features, especially the addition of a search function and tags, should make it way easier to find specific wrestlers and matches. Stardom says a new video player will also “allow you to adjust the quality of the video and move forward or backwards 10-15 seconds.”


There will also be the new option, starting in April, to pay for Stardom World via PayPal. With these new features, the service will increase in price from $6.93 USD to $8.54 USD.

Stardom also explained their release schedule for matches. They say the fact that they are “still the only Japanese pro wrestling company that brings you English subtitles for every single show,” is why there’s a lag between the dates of live shows and when they are uploaded to Stardom World.  

With these new features on their website, the already great quality of their matches and performers, and with both a show in the United States and a UK show co-produced with Pro Wrestling EVE later this year, it looks like 2019 could be a year of increased success for Stardom.

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