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Becky Lynch responds to the renaming of the NXT Women’s Title

As reported yesterday and further confirmed by Pro Wrestling Sheet, the NXT Women’s Championship has been renamed. Moving forward, the title will simply be referred to as the NXT Championship. This change was implemented coincidentally after Becky Lynch spoke on WWE Backstage.

On Backstage, Lynch was commenting on eliminating the term “women” from the equation. For example instead of saying that was a great “women’s match” just say “match.” This isn’t out of left field as many talent have expressed that someone should be known as a “good wrestler” and not just a “good women’s wrestler.”

Lynch responded to the choice of changing the NXT Women’s Championship by dropping the designation of “women.” She wanted to clarify her original sentiment.

So the RAW Women’s Champion cleared up that she wasn’t advocating for the division or the name of titles to be changed. She was saying that the term “women” could limit the opportunities based on gender. She wants everyone to make it on their skill and not their gender.

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