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Becky Lynch retains SmackDown Women’s Title in Triple Threat at Crown Jewel

The SmackDown Women’s Championship is heading to RAW this Monday as Becky Lynch retained her title at Crown Jewel. Much like Charlotte Flair continues to hold onto the RAW Women’s Championship and is heading to SmackDown, we appear to have a quandary as the results of the recent draft go into effect tomorrow.

Lynch retained in a Triple Threat that involved Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair with all three women battling for gold. The three structured a stellar near-20 minute match that had some unique fun spots and utilized just how much chemistry they have together.

In later parts of the match, Banks breaks up a pin attempt by Lynch off of a jackknife cover on Belair causing the EST to lift both women off of her. Banks goes for a sunset flip as Belair has Lynch in a vertical suplex. Moments later, Belair is in both the Bank Statement and the Disarmher at the same time but refuses to tap out to either.

Banks and Belair trade pin attempts prior to Lynch breaking it up to save her title. Lynch delivered a Manhandle Slam to Banks in hopes to get the victory much as she did to Belair at SummerSlam. This time though, Belair broke it up for the match to continue.

After Lynch is tossed to the outside, Banks attempts to deliver a powerbomb on Belair off the ring apron. Belair holds onto the top rope to prevent from crashing down to the floor as she shows off her athleticism with a backflip. As the women are on the outside, Banks continuously tries to hit the backstabber on Belair and as they are intertwined, Lynch launches herself off the announce table to take out both women.

Once back in the ring, Lynch tries to get the Disarmher locked in on Belair but she continues to try and fight it off. Banks comes in to break it up, but this doesn’t bode well for either challenger as Big Time Becks gets them both locked into the Disarmher as Belair yells at Banks to not tap.

As Belair and Banks break free, Belair attempts to get both of her competitors up into the KOD but they fight out of it. Belair eventually hits the KOD on Lynch but there is a fight for a pin between her and Banks which involves both women going in and out of the ring. As Belair is still on the outside, Banks went to capitalize on Lynch but the champion rolled up Banks and held onto the bottom rope to get the three count to retain.

Lynch heads to RAW this Monday still as SmackDown Women’s Champion.

What do you think is going to come from the women’s titles being on their opposite brands? What did you think of this Triple Threat? Join the discussion below.

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