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Becky Lynch says she made it to Raw looking for Bianca Belair after busting out of the hospital

The Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch wasn’t on Raw last night in Cleveland, Ohio. Just four weeks away from her championship defense against Bianca Belair at WrestleMania, Lynch shared a video prior to Raw going on the air. She said that she was in the hospital after Belair injured her in their match on Sunday at a live show in Allentown. She blamed Belair for fracturing her voice box.

After Raw went off the air, Lynch made a new video and shared it on her social media accounts. She says she in fact did make it to Raw, but just as the show was ending and Belair had already left. She had the following to say in her latest video –

“Well, I made it. I busted out of the hospital and I made it to Cleveland just in time for the end of Raw. It didn’t matter that hours ago, Bianca Belair hit me as hard as she could in the throat, fracturing my voice box, hit me so hard that I was spitting blood all over the arena in Allentown. I made it here because I wanted to get my hands on Bianca Belair. When she heard I was coming, she ran out of here.

I asked around and they said she ran as fast as she possibly could, didn’t even take her bags. You may be asking who ‘they’ are, well, ‘they’ are from Cleveland, so I don’t really care. Actually, it may have been Miz. The point is, Bianca Belair has gone running scared, gone running with her little braid between her legs because she’s doing everything she can to try and get an advantage on me. Last week, she beat my beautiful mom bod mercilessly with her braid, scarring me up.

This week, she left my lying in a hospital bed. What did you think Bianca, did you think I was just going to sit there and play Wordle and drink some soup and eat some ice cream or forget about this and let you have your way, let you run Raw? No, no, no. That’s not how this works. Now, you have no idea the lengths I am going to go to to keep that title on my shoulder. I’ve kept that title on my shoulder for three years and nobody has been able to beat me for it. You can ask yourself, if this woman, who was spitting blood hours ago, is willing to come to Raw to find me, what is she going to do to keep her most important thing on her shoulder at WrestleMania?” she said.

A report by PWInsider said that Lynch is legitimately hurt but should only be out of action for approximately two weeks and she is still planned to face Belair at WrestleMania on April 2.

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