Friday, April 12, 2024

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Becky Lynch teases a new project in social media posts

Former RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch may be out of action but she is still keeping herself busy. Lynch took a hiatus in May along with the shocking news that she is pregnant and expecting her first child. Since then she has been seemingly missing from social media as well. She reappeared today making two posts about a potential future project?

WWE’s official Twitter account also took notice of this and also are wondering what The Man could be up to. She first posted a blank tablet screen that simply says, “By: Rebecca Quin.” This was enough to have fans stir with wonderment.

She followed this up moments later providing a quirky title that she forgot to add. “Toast and Me. A Study in Seven Volumes.” Who wouldn’t want seven volumes about toast and the importance of it?

Regardless of what Lynch really has planned next, one thing is for sure, her fans are waiting. In the tweet, she also states that she misses everyone.

Lynch’s future as an in-ring competitor after the birth of her first child is still undetermined. It probably will stay that way until the time is right to decide. Regardless, her fans will be waiting with open arms.

This has been a Diva Dirt Social Media Catch-Up.

What do you make of Lynch’s tweets? Do you see her as a future Best Seller? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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