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Bella Twins discuss working together, women’s wrestling and more for Latina Magazine

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Just as we found out the air date of their new reality show, Nikki and Brie are rewarding us yet again with more great news!

The Bella Twins are no strangers to their Latin origins, so the empowering women are now gracing the August 2016 cover of Latina Magazine!

Throughout the interview the pair discussed many things such as working alongside each other, the evolution of women’s wrestling in WWE, how they found wrestling and more.

Below are some of the highlights:

On having a career with each other:

“For like two minutes in the day, [it gets too much]” says Nikki. “I feel like it’s a 32-year marriage,” Brie chimes in. “You have your moments where she can chew her food a certain way and it bugs me. But we will always be together. I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life.”

On changing WWE’s women’s division:

“I think in the past so many girls would try to individually get themselves over and knock every other woman down, and it got the division nowhere. The minute [the women] united is when all of a sudden it exploded,” says Brie. “To see all the transformations…you feel like you conquered something. It’s empowering.”

On becoming wrestlers:

“The first time I ever saw women wrestling, I immediately felt connected,” Brie says. “I thought, ‘This is what I’m supposed to do.’ ” Though they had never wrestled, she was convinced she’d found her calling, and naturally persuaded Nikki to join her at the 2006 WWE Diva Search. That is, until they got there. “We showed up and it literally looked like a line of go-go dancers,” Brie recalls.”

“I looked at her and was like, ‘What did you get me into?’ ” Nikki growls, sounding as she probably did the day it happened. Although the future wrestlers didn’t make the cut, they had enough potential and were offered a trip to visit Deep South Wrestling in Macon, Ga., to see wrestling up close. “We were only supposed to watch, but literally we got in the ring every day that whole week,” Nikki says. When the pair returned home, they packed their car and drove cross-country to Florida for a WWE development deal, hoping to make it to the big leagues.”

The article can be found here in which the writer discusses the women’s careers, fans, reality shows, perception of women’s wrestling and more.

The behind the scenes footage can be seen below:

Photos from the shoot can also be found on this site, and the full magazine cover can be seen here:

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