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Best Moments From 2013: Kaitlyn’s Secret Admirer is Revealed

As 2013 draws to a close, Diva Dirt writers have each picked a personal highlight to reminisce on the year gone by.

Chris’s Pick: Kaitlyn‘s secret admirer is revealed

For months it had been made obvious that Kaitlyn had a secret admirer. This guy thought of everything: gifts, flowers, chocolates, love notes, romantic text messages. For a minute I thought it was going to end up with me making a music video for Kaitlyn and this guy set to a Taylor Swift tune.

And then it happened.

It was a warm summer night in May and had been a dull episode of Raw at best. And then the show returns from commercial break with Kaitlyn… and a microphone in her hand? See, up until this point I was under the belief that Divas were only allowed to talk in exclusives and on the dreaded WWE App (every time you download the app, a panda dies, kids). Kaitlyn begins speaking about how it’s finally time for her secret admirer to show himself! At this point I immediately leave my position of tweeting 500 words a minute to grab some popcorn, in the hopes that Kaitlyn’s secret admirer is secretly Seth Rollins so that they can form a team called Two-Toned Tango and feud with Fandango and Summer Rae. However, I’m okay when Big E. Langston comes out because three ain’t enough man, I need five.

I sit anxiously with my popcorn as what is about to unfold, as I know that Mr. Langston would never disobey his dear friend and business partner, AJ Lee. And then… he drops her! GASP! It’s at this point that a chorus of angels, or just one, also known as Kari Kimmel blasts over the PA system and AJ Lee skips down the ramp. This segment is already genius and she hasn’t even gotten in the ring.

AJ goes on to deliver the best promo of her career up until this point, talking about how she needed Kaitlyn during 2012 and Kaitlyn was too busy chasing Eve Torres’s Divas Championship. Even Kaitlyn’s awkward tears couldn’t stop AJ’s verbal bashing from being anything short of legendary. And then, it happened. Two words. 13 letters. Unlovable cow. She called her an unlovable cow!

Now granted, to many readers this may have not been that big of a deal, but damn it, she called her an unlovable cow! Of course, this was the line that caused Kaitlyn to snap and attack AJ, and then have a wardrobe malfunction. If that doesn’t sum up a perfect segment, then I don’t know what does, folks. AJ and Kaitlyn would go on to have one of the best damn matches of the year at Payback, and a terrific feud for the rest of the summer. Hopefully we get to see them recreate it at some point soon. I’ll definitely be expecting someone to mention an unlovable cow.

What did you think of this moment?

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