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Best WWE returns of the decade

Everyone loves a great return right? Especially when that return is one of your favorites. That feeling you get when their music hits for the first time in months (or longer) is what makes being a wrestling fan so great. Lately, with social media becoming the norm, it is harder for returns to be kept a secret. Regardless if it is a surprise or not, returns are something to always look forward to.

As of now, a few returns could be on the horizon. We witnessed a return to close out the decade with Liv Morgan returning on this week’s RAW to stop Lana‘s wedding to Bobby Lashley. There are several other women (Naomi, Ruby Riott, Nia Jax, etc.) out of action due to either injury or personal matters. With the Royal Rumble right around the corner as the next pay-per-view it is generally a perfect time for returning talent.

As the decade is ending and a new one begins, let us take a look at some returns from over the past 10 years. These are in order merely by year.

Melina – 2010 – RAW

Melina starts off the list as her return from injury occurred just two weeks prior to SummerSlam on RAW. She vacated the title in January starting off the decade on the wrong foot as an injury sidelined her. At the time she was in her first reign as Divas Champion and when she returned she was determined to win it back as she technically never lost it.

Her return took place after the current Divas Champion, Alicia Fox led her team to victory in a six-woman tag match by pinning Natalya. Fox would exert her dominance and make claims that she has defeated every woman of the locker room. Melina’s music would hit and she would return making Fox regret her words.

After avoiding Fox’s offense with a Matrix move, Melina would lay out the champion and declare that she is back. She then face Fox at SummerSlam, defeating her, and becoming a two-time Divas Champion.

Layla – 2012 – Extreme Rules

Layla made a surprise return at Extreme Rules in 2012 following surgery after a knee injury. The injury and surgery had her out for almost a year as she went out in May, 2011. She was a mystery opponent for a Divas Championship match where Nikki Bella was in her first reign. Nikki only held the title at the time for six-days.

Layla would pin Brie Bella instead of Nikki after some twin magic would backfire for The Bella Twins and win the title. She would go on to hold the title for 140-days.

Aj Lee – 2015 – RAW

In an unexpected turn of events, Aj Lee returned in March 2015 to help a former foe in that of Paige battle The Bella Twins. The moment happened after Paige took on Nikki Bella one-on-one for the Divas Championship on RAW. This was a rematch from Fastlane.

Paige was mere moments from becoming a three-time Divas Champion as she had Nikki in the PTO. Brie Bella would interject herself in the match and take out Paige to cause the disqualification. As the Bella Twins would continue their two-on-one attack, Aj Lee’s music would hit and she would rush out to even the odds.

Lee was returning from about a three month absence as she took that time off due to a pre-existing neck injury. This led to her teaming up with Paige to take on the Bellas at WrestleMania 31. This would be her second to last match as she would retire after her match the next night on RAW.

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