Friday, September 29, 2023

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Liv Morgan makes her return at Lana’s wedding

After several weeks of vignettes, Liv Morgan makes her return during the main event wedding between Lana and Bobby Lashley. During her video packages, she kept saying how she had been told who and what to be in her life. Her “makeover” was said to be coming and after her vignette that aired tonight, she said that she is finally ready.

Lana’s wedding ceremony came to a screeching halt when it was asked if there is anyone who has just cause as to why she and Bobby Lashley should not wed. First out would be Lana’s “first husband.” Lashley would make short work of him interrupting.

Next was Lashley’s “first wife.” Lana made sure that she wouldn’t even enter the ring as she knocked her off the wedding stairs that led to the ring. Lastly was someone that I am not sure not many people expected and that was – Liv Morgan.

Morgan comes out on stage and heads towards the ring with tears in her eyes. She says she cannot allow this to continue. She is indeed in love with someone in the ring. After saying that she has had a rough year and it was because of this one person’s love that got her through, Lashley says that he has never “touched this woman” in his entire life.

Morgan would clarify, she isn’t talking about Bobby. She is talking about – Lana.

It seems as though Morgan’s “makeover” isn’t her physical appearance after all. After pleading with Lana and wondering how she could do this to her, the two would get physical in the ring. After they are separated and Morgan is removed, Rusev emerges from the life-size wedding cake that is in the ring. He would then attack Lashley while tearing down the wedding decorations.

The segment and show ends with Morgan holding back Lana with Rusev yelling in her face.

What did you think of the return and “makeover” of Liv Morgan? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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