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Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres in War of Words Ahead of Divas Title Match

A quiet Wednesday on Twitter quickly became the battleground for Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres to take shots at each other before their Divas Championship match this Sunday at Vengeance.

Beth began the exchange by opening fire on her Twitter page, responding to a tweet that Eve sent.

Eve wrote: “So it’s official. Me VS. Beth Phoenix at Vengeance. Most of what I have to say was delivered in a message to @Natbynature on Monday Night.”

This led to a huge rant from the Divas Champion:

@EveMarieTorres the message you sent on Monday was as muddled as your makeup. But I understand. U have a hard time fitting in. You tried so hard to be Kelly’s BFF but was she offering her spot in the Maxim 100 to you? Some friend. So now you are trying to fit in with @NatbyNature and I, the “wrestlers” by thinking u are in our league?? Sorry @EveMarieTorres. You cant lace our boots. At #vengeance I’ll show the world why YOU are the outcast. You don’t fit in. And let you cry about it. #crybabycry

The other Divas respect @NatbyNature and I. The Rookies worship the ground we walk on and @thebellatwins are always admiring our power and style. Its hard to be humble when everyone around you places you on a pedestal. Its okay to admire. We lead by example. #pinupstrong

Eve defended herself with the following response:

Dear “wrestlers”. (@NatbyNature & @theBethPhoenix) I may not have come from the Dungeon or experienced the independents, but I did make the decision 4 years ago when I won the DS that I was going 2 do whatever it took 2 b a champion – be it gym, training, matches, jiu-jitsu. We all start somewhere. The question is where do we end up? …Look where u ended up @TheBethPhoenix @NatbyNature? Bitter, negative, blaming others 4 ur disappointments & with a false sense of arrogance. I may not be a great “wrestler” But I am a fighter. On the mat & off.

It’s funny you talk about fitting in @TheBethPhoenix . Everyday I think what can I do to NOT fit in. To be different. I’m not Maxim’s top 100 & I’m not a 3rd generation Diva. I’m just me. You can try to play with my emotions all day long, but I won’t break.

Beth fired back:

@EveMarieTorres seems to be a little sensitive today…did I strike a nerve? See the thing is I rarely speak out on people that I don’t like in our lockerroom cuz I dont think its a classy move. But in this case, Ive been around long enough to speak my mind. @EveMarieTorres u dont have that fire. I dont respect u because u r content to sit back and ride the wave. I dont care how hard u train today because u are still just another wannabe Diva Search Barbie. Im not bitter. Im honest. And u will break. Cuz I will make you. Now arent u late for a pedicure with @RealKellyKelly ?? Stop wasting my time baby girl. U dont wanna chip a nail with all these tweets.

Eve then added:

@TheBethPhoenix Although I love nothing more than proving people wrong, I will not sit here & justify my hard work 2 u. I’d rather prove …self-rightousness, & pretentiousness, & it will sting all that much more when I beat u at #Vengeance. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the gym to “chip a nail”.

Did you get all that? It’s on!

Beth and Eve will meet this Sunday at WWE’s Vengeance pay per view.

Thoughts: I like the initiative by both Divas (well, assuming it is initiative and they weren’t given a directive to tweet about each other), but I would much rather see the storyline play out on TV. From the sounds of it, they’ll have a pretty interesting segment this Friday on SmackDown. As we’ve said before, WWE is better at short term build and the segment on Friday could really help sell the match. Sadly, it’s when it comes to long-term storylines that things go south.

Are you looking forward to Vengeance?

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