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Beth Phoenix makes an appearance at WWE Day 1, Chases off Maryse

Beth Phoenix made sure that her husband Edge walked away with a win at WWE Day 1.

The first day of 2022 looks great for Phoenix but not so much for Maryse. The Glamazon and Hall of Famer recently took a step back from her position in NXT as a full-time commentator to spend time with her family. When she made that announcement, she confirmed she was going to remain a part of WWE.

Credit: WWE

Maryse joined her husband, The Miz, at ringside for his match against Edge. Since The Miz’s return, he has focused on Edge and has enjoyed that his wife helps out wherever she can. Tonight was no different.

After assisting her husband in getting his feet on the ropes, the match continued as it broke up the submission hold that was locked in by Edge. She would interfere once more as the match winds down. With Edge being thrown into the corner and the referee distracted, Maryse hits him with her purse. However, that wasn’t enough and Edge still was able to kick out.

Maryse climbed on the ring apron furious that her help didn’t put away Edge. The Miz then pointed to the stage which had Phoenix standing in rage. She would chase Maryse away from ringside and up the ramp before arguing with The Miz. This allowed Edge to capitalize and deliver a spear to get the win.

Could we be seeing Maryse and Beth stepping back in the ring soon?

Check back in with Diva Dirt for further news on this developing storyline.

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