Monday, July 4, 2022

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Beth Phoenix: “No Competition” for the Divas Championship

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix has told that she feels there is “no competition” for her WWE Divas Championship and she’s getting bored! (Cue Kharma here?)

Speaking to after her 30-second Divas Title victory over Eve Torres, Beth said: “It’s getting boring for me.”

“Night after night, I’ve defeated everybody — every single Diva on both rosters, Raw and SmackDown. There’s just no competition.”

Do we smell a storyline in the works?

Watch below:

Thoughts: I’m interested to see where this goes — if anywhere. I don’t want to presume that WWE cares enough to put together a real Divas storyline going into WrestleMania as they clearly haven’t cared in the past several years (okay, well, perhaps last year was somewhat of an improvement) but I think everybody’s mind is automatically on Beth vs Kharma at ‘Mania. With Beth decrying that there’s no competition, it seems to set up Kharma returning somewhere down the line. Would they do it at ‘Mania? They usually don’t put that much effort into the Divas but with Kharma, as history has shown, it’s been a different story so perhaps this year could be the exception. With Kharma having just given birth a month ago, if she did return, it would probably be closer to ‘Mania, but they could make it a slow burn and have Beth continue to look dominant and complain about lack of competition until then. Of course, all of this could just as likely not happen at all, so I’ll hold out till I see it to believe it.

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