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FCW Watch (January 29th, 2012): Danielle Moinet Vies for Maxine’s Job, Aksana Creates Tension Between Superstars

Hello everyone, and welcome to perhaps the first FCW Watch to not contain a Divas match. I wasn’t sure whether to recap this week or not, but upon watching the segments, I assumed it was probably better to do so in case they continue on and people become lost without seeing this week’s episode. So here I am with some developmental goodness, as Maxine and Danielle Moinet possibly embark on a feud to ultimate power and control, and former Queen of FCW, Aksana, uses her conniving nature to cause tension between current FCW Heavyweight Champion, Leo Kruger, and former champion, Bo Rotundo. Without any further ado, let’s get underway!

First up in tonight’s segments, we head backstage to see our favorite Lithuanian export, Aksana, while she sits in a corner crying, as evident by the makeup running down her face. Suddenly, current FCW Heavyweight Champion, Leo Kruger, walks into the picture and tries to both console and question her as to what is making her react in such a way. In between sobs, Aksana manages to let out that she can’t believe “he” did that to her. Kruger assures her that he will take care of everything himself, and as he heads out to the ring, the camera pans in to a suddenly fine version of Aksana, as she gives an evil glare to the lens. What on earth could she be up to now?

From there, we head backstage to see General Manager, Maxine, as she sits in her coveted desk whilst joined by Dr. James Bronson and Abraham Washington. Abe claims that he got the texts she sent and he appreciates her calling him in to see her due to their past together. He adds that he doesn’t know what she has going on presumably with Derrick Bateman and Dirty Curty, but that she’ll always remembers her “first” and she’s finally come back to daddy! Maxine interrupts him and states that she did appreciate his work as General Manager, but that she’s been in this position for a while now and wants to offer him a job as her assistant.

Abraham seems caught off guard that she would dare relegate him to such a position, but he ultimately agrees to do so. Maxine then introduces Abe to Dr. Bronson in the corner, FCW’s newest psychologist. Abraham confuses the term for “gynecologist” before learning that Maxine wants him to talk to Dr. Bronson and get a feel for each other before he officially becomes her assistant. Bronson grabs onto Abraham’s hand and says that the pleasure is all his, which sort of freaks Washington out a little before the two head out. Suddenly, in walks Danielle Moinet and Rob Naylor (both former ring announcers of FCW), as Moinet claims she needs a word with the GM!

Maxine questions who they are, but Moinet claims that’s not important and that she has something for Maxine. With the snap of a finger, her scribe hands Maxine a business card as she claims that the General Manager has a little bit of competition in town! Danielle adds that she’s not going anywhere, before Maxine cuts them off and asks when she ever hired a new comedian and clown duo?! Danielle snaps her fingers again, as both she and Naylor exit Maxine’s office whilst the current reigning GM twiddles her pen through her fingers, possibly showing signs of worry over the new Diva’s goal to provide some competition?

Heading out to the ring, we spot Byron Saxton inside as he introduces the returning Bo Rotundo, who was forced to vacate the Heavyweight Title following a scary real life lacerated kidney injury. Saxton claims that the word on the street is that Rotundo can return to action at FCW, which Bo confirms as true. He states that his plans when he returns are to reclaim the prize he never rightfully lost, and he just wants one shot at the champion. The fans cheer him on, as Bo makes one thing clear… that he will get the FCW Heavyweight Title back. Byron attempts to ask him another question, before being cut off by the current champion, Leo Kruger, and his new right hand woman, Aksana!

The two walk out onto the entrance ramp, with the “gentleman” that he is letting Aksana step inside the ring first. Both males stare off, as Kruger asks Bo-Bo what type of man he is to just walk in here and challenge him for his title when he’s been gone for months? Leo tells him that he has to start from the beginning like everybody else back in the locker room, before stating that Bo should just stop worrying about the title, and instead worry about him (Kruger). Leo informs Bo that he’s going to teach the brother of Husky Harris (cheap plug) how to treat a lady, as referees immediately come out to restrain the two from getting into an altercation. With one of them to each of her side, Aksana stands in the middle of the two as she smirks at Bo as if to introduce the revenge she’s bringing upon him.

Thoughts: Fun times, even without a match. This seems to be the fourth male Aksana has tried to sneakily take, but it might be the best one yet. Now granted, Leo’s not my favorite by any means, but I think they fit together well, and look more like a duo than she and Richie, Bo, or yes, even Husky did. I could see her bringing Leo up to SmackDown and eventually revealing she used Teddy to gain power and get what she wanted, before dumping him to the side in favor of Kruger. It would be a pretty great storyline if they did incorporate it onto the main show, but I guess time will have to tell.

The segment between Maxine and Danielle was also pretty fun. I laughed whenever she would snap her fingers at Rob to do something for her, and she actually plays this role well. I like her announcing, but I’m excited for her to become an on air character and I really hope this story between she and Maxine continues on. It could make for some interesting segments to see two females trying to outdo each other, because Maxine’s advantage in past authority feuds was that she could use her looks to one up the male competitor. Being that she’s up against an equally attractive female could be a whole new ball park for the queen of NXT, and it’s refreshing to see, provided it isn’t dropped. (Fingers crossed.)

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