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Beth Phoenix on Last Night’s SmackDown Taping: ‘Highlight of My Career’

Former Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix, tweeted about last night’s SmackDown taping (the show will air Friday), calling it the “highlight of my career”.

Phoenix wrestled her close friend Natalya in the Diva dream match fans have been yearning to see. The icing on the cake? The match took place in Beth’s hometown of Buffalo, New York.

Tweeting about the match, Beth wrote: “#Smackdown taping tonight just may have been the highlight of my career.”

You can read spoilers for the show here.

The encounter has never before been seen on WWE television, but with Phoenix rumored to be departing the company next month, perhaps WWE finally pulled the trigger before it was too late?

The match will air on SmackDown this Friday on Syfy.

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