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Beth Phoenix on the restrictions that were on the Diva’s division


Ring The Belle receives a once in a lifetime interview with the Glamazon herself Beth Phoenix. The four-time champion and Hall of Famer sat down with DS Shin to go over the fan-voted top five moments. During these moments she goes over her feuds with Candice Michelle, Kelly Kelly, and Melina. She also discusses the wonderful friendship she has developed with Natalya.

Phoenix was a focal point during the Diva era of WWE. This time was filled with many obstacles and restrictions for the women to receive matches and to be taken seriously on TV. She explains how she made it around those obstacles and restrictions during that time.

“We just tried our best to work within our comfort zones. We had to do things that weren’t great. I had to do bikini shoots. I had to do bra and panties matches. I had to do a lot of stuff I didn’t love and didn’t want to do. But I knew at the end, I’m here to entertain and make people happy. And I knew it would change. I knew in my heart, someday if we don’t give up, it’s gonna change. And it has.”

As a result of how far women have come in the WWE, Phoenix recalls her tearful reaction to the first crowning of the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

“That was so special. It did mean a lot to me because the girls felt as passionately as myself and Nattie. It wasn’t always nice. It was always a battle. It was always a fight. Every week you knew it was gonna be a fight. So I appreciated that the girls continued to fight and they got a win. That felt like a win.”

As a result of the fans picking her match against Eve at Survivor Series as a top moment, Phoenix divulges some juicy details about that match. Most particularly her memorable Super Glam Slam spot on Eve.

“It was Madison Square Garden. The same place where Bret vs. Owen took place, which is the match that inspired me to become a wrestler. And also, this particular move, we weren’t supposed to do in the match. This is pipebomb, but we were not supposed to do that move. Eve and I were like, we’ll take the flack. Whatever flack comes from this spot, they were concerned of the danger aspect, it was too dangerous, which I get that. But Eve and I knew that that would be the moment from the match. This is what it will take to make the match memorable, and we’re in Madison Square Garden….We took a risk, and we believed in ourselves. Obviously, fans remember it.”

Phoenix also comments on the wild feud that has been happening between both her husband, Edge, and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch on Twitter. From this, she explains her thoughts on her bestie Natalya facing Lynch at SummerSlam.

“I’m looking so forward to Becky and Natalya at SummerSlam. My best friend against somebody that I feel has changed the business. So I am really excited for SummerSlam.”

To check out the entire interview from Ring The Belle click play on the video above. Credit to Ring The Belle and DS Shin for this wonderful look at The Glamazon’s past moments.

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