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Beth Phoenix Says It’s Never True To Say She Is Retired

Beth Phoenix‘s last match took place nearly one year ago when she teamed with her husband Edge to face the team of Maryse & The Miz. Since then, we have seen Phoenix appear on a couple of different occasions to counter Rhea Ripley as The Judgment Day has had its rivalry with its former leader Edge.

But will we be seeing Phoenix back in the ring? According to her, she continues to say never say never. The WWE Hall of Famer spoke with Brandi Rhodes on 2 Lies and 1 Truth and left the following comment.

“Who knows these days? I say this every single time, it’s the cliche thing, but never say never. Retirement in wrestling isn’t a thing, right? It’s embarrassing to say I’m retired because it’s never true.”

The last we saw Phoenix was her attempting to save Edge in an “I Quit” match at Extreme Rules against Finn Balor. An attempt that saw her get taken out by The Judgment Day as well.

There has been no word on when we may see Phoenix next.

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