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Beth Phoenix Tells Maria Menounos to ‘Stay Home’ and Not Wrestle at Tribute to the Troops

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, so used to intimidating her fellow Divas like Kelly Kelly and AJ, has now turned her attention to a celebrity! Well, it was only a matter of time before she went for world domination.

Yes, Beth Phoenix has issued somewhat of a threat to Extra co-host and author, Maria Menounos, telling her to “stay home” and not show up for the Tribute to the Troops taping this weekend, where Maria is set to make her return to the ring for WWE.

And if she doesn’t heed her warning? Well, Beth’s BFF Natalya says they’re going to make Maria cry!

Beth tells “Being the Divas Champion, I don’t have time for the Greek Barbie doll’s shenanigans. Time to make quick work of her at Tribute to the Troops at Fort Bragg December 13.”

She continues: “If Maria even attempts to lace up a pair of boots and step in our ring and our world, we’ll show her why we make all the other Divas cry.”

Natalya then adds: “I’ve got the tissues packed in my suitcase for Maria. We bought them at Walgreens where Kelly Kelly’s mom picks up her ‘Pin-up Strong Illustrated’ magazine.”

Read the full piece here.

Tribute to the Troops airs next Tuesday (December 13th) on USA Network and December 17th on NBC.

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