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Bianca Belair Defeats Asuka Heading Into HIAC; Lacey Evans Match Gets Cut

On the go-home episode of Raw before Hell in a Cell takes place this Sunday, the Raw Women’s Champion continues to stay right where she belongs – in the win column. Bianca Belair will be facing both Asuka and Becky Lynch come Sunday but on tonight’s Raw, she had to take on Asuka one-on-one. Lynch was of course on commentary. The match opened the show.

Prior to the match beginning, Lynch led the show by getting in the ring and cutting a promo. She talks about when she handed Asuka the Raw Women’s Title when she announced her pregnancy and how she did so because she knew she could beat Asuka upon her return. However, Asuka became a selfish entitled monster in the eyes of Lynch.

Asuka joins Lynch in the ring first and continues to call her a baby and that she is ready to become Raw Women’s Champion. Belair enters the ring and says she doesn’t care what the odds are because she is 100 percent sure that she will remain Raw Women’s Champion at Hell in a Cell. The three brawl after Lynch took the first shot. Both Belair and Asuka continued to pull each other off of Lynch because they wanted to fight her individually.

The match between Asuka and Belair would take place immediately after this segment. Lynch did not interfere in the match besides her normal trash talking. The back half of the match had Belair going for the KOD but Asuka fights out of it and finds herself tossed over the top rope. Lynch gets in the face of Asuka before Belair gets her back in the ring.

After Asuka gets a near fall off of a knee to the chin she goes for the Asuka Lock. Belair struggles to avoid it and eventually gets away and avoids the full impact. After planting Asuka face first, Belair misses with a standing moonsault. Asuka goes for a cradle and is reversed by Belair who gets the pin and victory.

Lynch immediately comes into the ring the moment the bell rings and takes them both out before walking up the ramp with confidence.

The three meet Sunday for the Raw Women’s Title.

Elsewhere on Raw, Alexa Bliss had her fourth match back and she had all intention to continue her winning streak and she did so. She faced Doudrop after defeating Nikki A.S.H. last week and Sonya Deville in back-to-back weeks. The ending saw Doudrop missing with a big splash in the corner as Bliss rolled out. Bliss hit Twisted Bliss to get the win. There was no further continuation on any character change for Nikki or Doudrop for that matter to take things “more seriously.”

Dana Brooke is no longer the 24/7 Champion. During Miz TV, a 24/7 segment took place with the usual suspects in the ring trying to get the gold. Tamina would first defeat Brooke after hitting her with a Samoan Drop. Despite serving him divorce papers, Tamina kissed Akira Tozawa after her win. Tozawa would roll her up to win the title. He would stay champion as Raw ended.

Brooke had requested a match with Carmella last week after the two had words backstage the week before. Carmella was not involved in this segment so perhaps the two will go on to have a rivalry outside the 24/7 Title or Carmella will be brought into it later.

Lastly, Lacey Evans was scheduled for her in-ring return tonight. Last week it was confirmed and as the night went on and got later into the show, Evans never was shown or made her way out to the ring. There was no mention or explanation of why this match was cut during the broadcast.

Evans started the NASCAR Coca Cola 600 race over the weekend and also has been posting on social media about her new entrance theme music that she recorded on.

There was a lengthy amount of time from when the Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley made their way out to the ring for their match to when the match actually started. For more on Morgan vs. Ripley which had Morgan come out with a win, you can read that here.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of the Raw brand.

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