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Bianca Belair Talks Pressure Heading Into WrestleMania To Go 3-0

The current Raw Women’s Champion is looking to go 3-0 for her WrestleMania ventures but there is a lot of pressure behind that. In Belair’s first Mania match she defeated Sasha Banks for the SmackDown Women’s Title in the main event of night one.

Fast forward to 2022 where she found herself chasing the Raw Women’s Title with Becky Lynch as champion. Belair defeated Lynch as well in arguably a match of the year style match. Now, a year later and Belair us still Raw Women’s Champion. However, this will be her first Mania heading in as champion.

While speaking to Fightful, Belair had the following to say about her upcoming match and her opponent – Asuka.

“I always say that I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. WrestleMania, we look forward to all year long. The day after WrestleMania, you’re already thinking about the next WrestleMania. I’ve been thinking about this since last year. It’s a lot of pressure trying to top the last two years, but I have an amazing competitor that I’m stepping in the ring with that plays a huge role in it as well. I know Asuka is going to bring it to the table, so I have to match that and go over and beyond and above what she brings to the table. As long as we do that, we’re going to deliver. I’m excited for it,” she said. 

Belair was then asked if she was excited to be facing Asuka on the big stage.

“Definitely, when I saw Asuka won Elimination Chamber, I was super excited. ‘Okay, this is good, this is great, we’re going to go out there and have a banger match.’ In the back of my mind, I’m like, ‘it’s one thing to have a match, but you want to walk out as champion, so how can we do that?’ It’s been hard trying to figure out how to prepare for someone when you don’t know what to expect. She looks different, she’s acting different. I’m excited, but the pressure is there. I had a five star match last year, now I have to go have a six star match. The pressure is there.”

Belair will be facing Asuka on night two which is April 2. Exactly 365 days since she won the title at WrestleMania 38 on April 2, 2022. Can she continue her year long reign or will Asuka take the win?

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