Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Big Swole & Aja Perera become Shine Tag Team Champions

SHINE Wrestling had their most recent event, SHINE 61, which took place this weekend from Queens, N.Y. The Shine Tag Team Championship was on the line as the reigning champs, Rainbow Bright (Luscious Latasha and Gabby Gilbert) defended their titles against Triple Aye (Big Swole & Aja Perera w/Ayla Fox).

Rainbow Bright has held the tag belts since January where they defeated Twisted Sisters. After an impressive 243-days at the top of the tag team division, Rainbow Bright’s light burned out as Triple Aye are now the new Shine Tag Team Champions.

During SHINE’s last event at SHINE 60, Rainbow Bright defended their titles against Team Sea Stars. A team that has tag team gold of their own, Team Sea Stars attempted to add more prestige to their tag team. They would suffer a defeat as the Shine Tag Team Champions wounded up retaining their titles via disqualification.

This time, it was Triple Aye’s turn. This match saw no disqualifications, no count-outs, as the champs had to beat the challengers in a New York Street Fight if they wanted to retain their championship gold. When Rainbow Bright couldn’t rely on all of their shenanigans they would succumb to their defeat.

This win is now history-making for the organization. In the five years since the existence of the tag title, which started at SHINE 17 when Leva Bates and Mia Yim became the inaugural champs, we have the first African American team to become champions.

Both Perera and Big Swole are two incredible talents that are doing big things. Big Swole now is a double champion as she recently won the Phoenix of Rise Championship in August. Perera is the former Shine Nova Champion where she was the first African American to win that title. Big Swole was also recently featured in AEW’s All Out Casino Battle Royale. With Ayla Fox rounding out the trio’s managerial duties, these ladies are a force to be reckoned with on the indie scene.

Congratulations to Team Aye for their history-making victory!!

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