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Alundra Blayze talks on the pay gap and fighting for gender equality


WWE Hall of Famer, Alundra Blayze (also known as Madusa) recently sat down with Ring the Belle’s DS Shin for an incredible interview. They went over her fan-voted top five moments, which included the gap between what male and female wrestlers make as far as their wages. The topic was brought up as they were reviewing her WCW Scaffold match alongside Billy Kidman vs. Torrie Wilson and Shane Douglas.

After commenting on the bump she took from the scaffold she had the following to say:

“That is a crazy bump. That’s off the scaffold. A woman jumping and doing that and getting paid jack. Don’t even get me started, when it comes to money in my industry and the women and equality. That situation needs to come up more. Let’s talk about equality. I understand it’s still and always has been a male’s business. But now there’s more and more women and now they are making it, a woman’s done WrestleMania. Top billing, pay-per-views, ladder matches, okay it’s like we have all of that out there. Put it in my paycheck.”

Credit: WWE

She further agrees with Shin that there is always room for change and wants the women to not only get paid more but there is still a fight for equality as a whole.

Blayze also discusses her iconic move from WWF to WCW at the time with her infamous trashing of the WWF Women’s Championship into a trash can. This was most recently brought up again as a joke when Blayze won the 24/7 Championship at the recent RAW Reunion in July. She mocked throwing it away before Ted Dibiase would instead buy it off of her.

Credit: WWE

She discusses how she felt that the move to WCW was going to be a focus on women’s wrestling, however, this wasn’t the exact case.

“When I was coming over and that happened I was ready to kill it. I was serious. If they’re (WWF) not going to do anything with me then I need to say, hey, this is where the big girls play. Let’s do something. That was the idea. They were going to want to do something, bring women’s wrestling, and get the whole thing going. And again it laid flat because we had a bunch of men in the damn back in their circle-jerking office booking the thing. It just didn’t happen. There was no women in that booking.”

She wanted to make a statement with women’s wrestling in WCW because she felt that it was deserving and was needed. It worked well for a while but after the competition faded out it was hard to continue.

Shin brought into the discussion her return to the ring at Evolution where she participated in the battle royal match. Blayze would explain how and why she was eliminated in the fashion that she was.

“So you know why I went out like that (how she was eliminated)? I just want to tell everybody, there’s a lot of things that people don’t know. So people will put you down, they’ll do negativity, but no one knows the backstory of anything that’s going on in anybody’s life. I just want you to know, that in that match, I was only seven months post-surgery. I had a double knee replacement. Nobody knew that, and there you go.”

To check out the full interview simply click on the video above. They go over all of her fan-voted top-five moments. This includes her thoughts on intergender wrestling, the trash can incident, and her seeing Vince McMahon for the first time since that incident at her Hall of Fame induction.

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