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Blair Davenport Returning From Injury; Sarray Heading To NXT UK

Some news has come out of this week’s NXT UK episode.

A vignette aired showing the upcoming return of Blair Davenport to the brand. Davenport has been stuck on the injury shelf since February when she suffered a setback in her second championship match against Meiko Satomura.

Davenport and Satomura were locked in a heated rivalry where their second championship bout took them to a Street Fight. During the match, Davenport executed a stomp onto the back of Satomura as she was laid out on the apron. When Davenport hit the floor she didn’t land right and caused an injury to her ankle. She was on a winning streak until she hit the roadblock of the NXT UK Women’s Champion.

Satomura has now reached over 365-days as champ, will a returning Davenport head straight back to the top? It did not give an exact date for Davenport’s return.

NXT UK has had a bit of an invasion from the women of NXT 2.0. Both Ivy Nile and Lash Legend made their way across the pond recently to participate in some matches and get to know the women’s roster of UK. Nile even was Satomura’s last competitor. This was Nile’s first championship match which ended in a losing effort but was one of her most impressive matches to date.

Coming next will be Sarray.

In a video that can be seen above, Sarray is heading to NXT UK. She hasn’t appeared on NXT 2.0 for several weeks now. She comments on the presence of Satomura as a Japanese champion in NXT UK and mentions that she cannot wait to have matches against the top talent on the brand. There is no official word at this time if this will be a permanent move for Sarray.

As mentioned above, Legend was one of the NXT 2.0 talents that have appeared in an NXT UK ring. She had already defeated Emilia McKenzie and now she targeted Myla Grace. Legend would pick up back-to-back wins don’t the brand after taking her opponent out with a monstrous pump kick.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of NXT UK.

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