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Blanchard fails to capture the X-Division Title & Valkyrie retains Knockouts Title

IMPACT’s Bound for Glory is all complete for the women that had many huge opportunities Tessa Blanchard came into the night with a clear cut plan. She was unable to face Brian Cage for the Impact World Championship thanks to Sami Callihan defeating her at Slammiversary.

Tonight was her chance to become the first woman to become X-Division Champion in a five-way ladder match. Unfortunately for Blanchard, she came up short again.

Blanchard certainly looked strong throughout the match and for a moment it appeared that she was about to win. She would ultimately get taken down by Ace Austin who would use a baton to knock her off the ladder. Austin becomes the new X-Division Champion.

Prior to this unfortunate event where Blanchard has yet again been deprived of capturing a title, Tenille Dashwood would witness her own defeat. Dashwood has been a recent addition to the Knockouts division and the IMPACT roster. She has been picking up wins since her debut which led to many feeling like she would become the next Knockouts Champion.

Taya Valkyrie would continue her reign as the longest-reigning Knockouts Champion as she defeated Dashwood with her Road to Valhalla. Valkyrie took advantage of the distraction from Johnny Bravo to Dashwood.

Lastly, the first match of the night was the unique 20-person Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match. This awarded the winner a shot at any title within the company.

It was an intergender match that involved Rosemary, Havok, Jordynne Grace, and Kiera Hogan. As a surprise entry was Kylie Rae who did appear over the weekend at IMPACT’s All Glory where she failed to win the Zelo Pro Women’s Championship in a three-way match that involved Laynie Luck and Shotzi Blackheart. It has not been determined if Rae has signed with the company at this time.

The winner of this match was Eddie Edwards. This along with the X-Division Championship match were two big chances for the women to pick up huge victories. Unfortunately, that did not occur.

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