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Bound for Glory Predictions: Maria Kanellis vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts title

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Tonight at Bound for Glory, Maria Kanellis defends her Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim. Can Gail Kim go on to become a six time Knockouts Champion? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Abir: As much as I adore both women, I feel like the ending won’t be a good one (creatively speaking). As she is being inducted into the Hall of Fame I don’t see Gail losing this match. But I do feel like it will be a huge battle and will showcase just how good these two women are. But yes, Gail Kim will walk away with the win and the Knockouts Title.

Alex: With TNA’s future in the air and this being Gail’s crowning moment in the TNA Hall of Fame, I’m pretty sure Gail Kim is going to win. If the company is gonna go bust, they might as well finish Gail’s amazing legacy on top of the division that she helped to create. I didn’t realise this feud had gone on for 9 months until Maria’s promo, the Knockouts Title has absolutely no more credibility but to see Gail with it during her HOF night in what may the end of the company would be a heartwarming moment for all.

Jack: Gail has to win, right? The cherry on top of the cake for Gail would be to win the Knockouts Championship on the night she is inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. There’ll be plenty of shenanigans, most likely with Allie finally getting sick of Maria’s behavior, leading to Gail tying the record for most TNA Knockouts Championship reigns. Reaching that feat (without help from a Lock Box!) on what could be TNA’s final night in business would be quite the way to go out.

Josue: Gail Kim, no ifs, ands, or buts about it! This entire feud has been written for Gail to have her big moment at Bound for Glory and walk away with the gold on the same night of being inducted to the TNA Hall of Fame.The biggest task will be seeing how this match plays out, given the amount of investment we’ve seen between these two. Gail can easily take on Maria without any potential help from Allie, Sienna or Laurel Van Ness at ringside, so one of my biggest hope for tonight is that they can keep this one-on-one and pull out a surprising Taryn/Gail scenario. The second hope I have is that the company manages to pull out some lucky stars that will keep them going around beyond their reported expiration date! Praying circle for you tonight TNA!

Matthew: Gail Kim all the way. Her TNA Hall of Fame induction followed by a TNA Knockouts Championship would be the icing on the cake. Note that Maria’s Championship victory is controversial but now she will have nowhere to run once the bell rings. Gail would turn her into lawn mulch after the night of over.

BREAKDOWN: 5 for Gail, 0 for Maria.

Who do you agree with? Who is just dead wrong? What are your predictions? Sound off in the comments below!

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