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Bound for Glory Results: Gail Kim wins the Knockouts Championship

Tonight in her home country of Canada and what was her final Bound for Glory match, Gail Kim defeated Sienna and Allie in a Triple Threat match to win her seventh Knockouts Championship.

During the competitive match, Sienna tried taking down both of her challengers by simultaneously locking submissions on them and slamming them on top of another. As the match progressed, Allie managed to hit a Code Breaker on Sienna but Gail was quick respond with an Eat Defeat on Allie. As Gail went for the cover, Sienna managed to regroup to break the pin before the three count.

In the end, Sienna was able to toss Allie over the ropes and send her into the steel steps. Gail would follow up by connecting an Eat Defeat on Sienna from the top rope for the three count to become the new Knockouts Champion.

A listen from Jeremy Borash from the commentary would mention that “Gail Kim wins the Knockouts Championship in her final match”, hinting that this could be Gail’s last overall match with the company.

With the win, Gail now holds the record of most Knockouts Title reigns with seven.

What did you think of the match?

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