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Brandi Rhodes shares details on AEW Women’s Division

At the very start of the new year, the formation of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was announced. During their rally last Tuesday, Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes shared her hopes for the women’s division of the new promotion.

Diva Dirt’s Kristen Ashly got to speak with Brandi on the women’s division, where she shared her specific goals and plans for the women’s wrestling platform.

First, Brandi touched base on whether or not talent sharing would occur between other promotions.

During the rally, AEW touched base on meeting with OEW, as well as various Japanese promotions. She was asked how much of a part those promotions would play in the formation of the division.

With the meetings and signees AEW has already announced, Brandi was asked if she could elaborate on any other meetings or specific promotions they were looking into.

The former ring announcer was asked by several fans if she would be wrestling for AEW’s women’s division. Brandi thought it was a silly question, but also wants it to be known that her goal is to push the other women in the division.

So many questions remain regarding what the title picture will look like for AEW. Brandi stated she really wanted to keep it simple.

Joey Janela and Penelope Ford arrived to the rally together, which sparked debate on whether or not they would act as a tag team, and would that lead to intergender wrestling. Rhodes gave her thoughts on intergender wrestling in AEW.

One of the most important announcements to come out of AEW, is the promise of equal pay. Wrestlers go through so many struggles to make a living, and so there’s the idea that equal pay could cause a ripple effect on the rest of the industry. Brandi gave her thoughts.

Rumors have hit that Viper had meetings with AEW and WWE, but decided to sign with NXT. Some critics believe that AEW has caused WWE to scramble to sign available talent. Brandi was asked if she personally saw any of that panic.

Lastly, the CBO left Diva Dirt readers with a “little nugget” of what’s to come for the women’s division.

Return to Diva Dirt for all of AEW’s women’s wrestling announcements, as they come.

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