Thursday, December 7, 2023

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WWE Women’s Tag Titles revealed and first title match announced

Ever since WWE Chairman Vince McMahon officially announced that the WWE will be introducing Women’s Tag Team Titles, we have all been eagerly anticipating their arrival. However, since that special Christmas announcement, we received nothing further on the matter.

But thank the goddesses above, we have WWE’s head of the women’s division, Alexa Bliss, with the “inside scoop” to end all inside scoops.

Tonight’s Jan. 14 episode of Monday Night Raw saw Alexa Bliss host the second edition of her brand new talk show segment, A Moment of Bliss. For the second week in a row, Bliss managed to generate some huge buzz through her segment.

Tonight, The Goddess promised to deliver an “inside scoop” and boy, did she deliver when she revealed our first look at the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. And we must say that these shiny new belts are a beauty to behold.

That is not all that the former five-time Women’s Champion would divulge. Bliss would add that the state of the Women’s Tag Team Championships will be decided five weeks from now at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in the match of the same name.

Three teams from RAW and three teams from SmackDown will collide inside of the unforgiving steel structure and the winner will become WWE’s inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions.

We will have to wait until the next coming weeks to see which tag teams will be entering the Elimination Chamber, but we could not be more excited about the news. Most of us did not expect the titles to be decided until WrestleMania, but we are happy to see our first title match sooner rather than later.

As the Elimination Chamber’s Women’s Tag Team Title Match continues to shape up during these next few weeks, we will be keeping a close eye on WWE programming to see who will be included in the match.

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