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Brandi Rhodes swills Shaq while Shida canes Abadon on AEW Dynamite


AEW Dynamite offered up another chaotic edition with multiple developments within the women’s division.

The episode featured The Living Dead Girl, Abadon in action against Tesha Price. A sit-down interview with Brandi Rhodes and Shaq that certainly made a splash and a backstage altercation that resulted in some very interesting progress.

The first thing to take place was the interview between Brandi and Shaq. The interview was conducted by Tony Schiavone and immediately went wayward as Brandi, who was still sporting a sling after the attack by Jade Cargill, took umbrage to Schiavone’s lengthy introduction of Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaq spoke about his history with Cargill and how he can’t wait to see her do big things in AEW. He went on to say that he didn’t care for what she did to Brandi’s arm but looks forward to what the two will do in the ring.

Brandi would shake the hands of Shaq and Tony before heading to leave. However, Shaq would remark that while Brandi is on the sidelines she can watch Cargill in action for some pointers.

Brandi was not having any of that disrespect and seethed that she is “sick of this shit,” before lashing a cup of water right the face of the NBA legend. Then just to really turn up the heat she calls him an overgrown asshole.

In true wrestling fashion, the interview, which was an attempt to quell the rivalry only managed to worsen the situation. This was evident later in the show, when Cargill, Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero battered Brandi’s ally, Red Velvet.

Before things got very messy, Big Swole and Serena Deeb would make the save only to be attacked by Ivelisse and Diamante. This action would set up an exciting tag team match between the four on next week’s show.

The introduction of Jade Cargill on AEW Dynamite has elevated the women’s division in just a few short weeks. Her feud with Brandi now involves several of the roster in breakout fueds and storylines, which is very promising indeed.

Abadon and Shida finaly get physical.

Two weeks ago Abadon came out to confront Shida after her title match with Anna Jay. Since then Shida has been keeping an eye out for the Living Dead Girl.

This week Abadon was in action for the first time since August. Her opponent/victim was the AEW Dark regular Tesha Price.

Abadon made quick work of Price, who was visibly creeped out by the Living Dead Girl. Price would eat would a clothesline at the bell and the attack would continue from there. Price would get a forearm strike in but to no effect. Abadon would take out Price with a barrage of strikes before putting her with the Gravedigger.

After the match, Abadon would continue to brutalize Price by viciously slamming her head into the mat. Shida would make the save with a kendo stick shot right to Abadon’s head. As the champ assisted Price out of the ring, Abadon would sit up, Micheal Myers style to add further build between her and Shida.

Another week of AEW Dynamite and further developments within the women’s division. There are now five feuds/storylines taking place on the show, which was not the case a month ago. It looks as though AEW’s women’s division is going to end 2020 with some momentum behind it and long may it continue.

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