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Is Lana’s Hard Work Starting to Pay Off in WWE?

Life imitates art so to speak, and if fans have watched the latest WWE Chronicle they can see that applies to Lana.  When it comes to the Ravishing Russian, fans have mixed opinions of her.  To say it is unfair is an understatement. 

In this world of social media and the Internet, Lana has received some unfair criticism.  Look at her Twitter mentions or Instagram mentions that it highlights the fact that people are cruel. 

The topic was documented in Chronicle, where Lana was in tears talking about the toll it has taken on her mental health.

Some find it hard to realize that Lana is a working diamond in the rough.  Like Trish Stratus, Lana went from manager to wrestler with a background in modeling and acting.  Stratus has a Hall of Fame career and achievements that she worked hard to get.  Paving the way for those such as Lana has its advantages but not without a cost. 

Lana has to work harder and prove that she can make an impact in the Raw Women’s Division.  The focus on her “earning” her peers’ respect has been one of the highlights on Raw.  Like naysayers, the other talent doesn’t see Lana as someone to take seriously. 

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This is a good story because fans know Lana’s strengths and weaknesses.  Lana hasn’t been shy about her passion to get better.  She wants to get better, she wants to make it work.

Looking back on 2020, Lana has had a pretty tumultuous year in terms of storyline. From the affair, wedding and divorce with Bobby Lashley to her alliances with Natalya and now Asuka Lana has been front and center of the Flagship Show. It isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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Fans are seeing a story unfold where Lana just may be getting her big break.  It’s an opportunity that she has waited years to get despite the stop and start stories she had been a part of in the past.  She has done everything asked of her, and has continued to prove that she belongs.  While she isn’t the best in the ring, the fact that she tries speaks volumes.

Her accomplishment as the sole survivor this Survivor Series wasn’t favorable by any means.  However it was done as more of a plan that backfired on Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.  Nobody could believe it, and Lana is taking the moment by any means necessary. 

Whatever works seems to be the direction the story is going in, however the story is still ongoing. Lana will continue her alliance with Asuka as they face Jax and Baszler for the Women’s Tag Team Championships at TLC. A win for them would be considered an upset because of Lana’s involvement.

It proves interesting that Lana is aligned with current Raw Women’s Champion Asuka.  Imagine if she closes out 2020 as Women’s Tag Team Champion? All things considering, Lana is getting some ample TV time and has been a rotational feature on Raw.  That’s good for something.

Photo: WWE

While every path to a successful WWE career isn’t the same for everyone, Lana’s drive to be better has to be applauded.  She’s someone who obviously puts 100 percent into whatever she is doing.  It’s admirable, inspiring and encouraging – all qualities that todays WWE woman represents. 

Lana’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed by WWE.  That is why fans are seeing more of Lana now versus the start of the year. It’s fair to say that it’s time to get used to it.

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