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Brandi Rhodes talks more about the Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament

It was announced last week that there will be a Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament coming up for AEW. According to the preview we received it will be a total of eight teams with 16-women. From the preview, it did not show us any teams besides perhaps the Nightmare Sisters – Allie & Brandi Rhodes. According to Rhodes however, there is no guarantee that they will even be teamed up.

There is an underlying statement for this tournament and that is “The Deadly Draw.” Rhodes recently spoke with CHRISTYreports and provided a little bit more information about what will take place.

“Wednesday that’s all going to be crystal clear,” Rhodes explained. “We’re going to explain how the teams come together and then you might see a team or two come together. So it’s going to be a fun episode, definitely wouldn’t miss that if you are interested in the tag team cup tournament. So we’ll leave you in a little bit of suspense.”

Credit: AEW

In providing the suspense as mentioned earlier, Rhodes says she will definitely be in the tournament but may not be with Allie after all. They have been tagging together recently and defeated MJ Jenkins and Kenzie Paige at Fight for the Fallen.

“There is the factor that [the Nightmare Sisters] could maybe not be together in the tournament since that hasn’t been clear,” Rhodes said.

“So we will also see on Wednesday with the rules what that means for the Nightmare Sisters. I’m honestly hoping that we are together because again, I feel like we’ve just gotten our footing so it would be kind of sad to tear us apart at this point.”

Rhodes also commented on if she thinks that this will be a yearly occurrence. Just as with anything they will have to test the waters and see how it goes over and how it is received.

“I think that’s how you look at a lot of things.You try things, you see how they go. I, of course, am very hopeful that this tournament is something that can continue to happen as it’s going to bring great opportunities to a lot of women who don’t normally get to be seen on Dynamite or on AEW Dark as often as we’d like to.”

Check back with Diva Dirt for more news on the tournament as the teams form and dates are announced.

Credit for transcriptions goes to Wrestling Inc.

Main Photo credit goes to AEW.

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