Friday, April 19, 2024

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Shotzi Blackheart sends a message heading into her match against Mercedes Martinez tonight

Shotzi Blackheart will be taking on Mercedes Martinez on tonight’s NXT. Martinez shook the hand of Robert Stone last week making her an official member of his brand along with Aliyah. She was very clear in her terms and conditions and that she wants Stone to handle everything out of the ring for her. If he oversteps his boundaries then she will permanantly break both his legs.

Stone and Aliyah have been having problems lately with Blackheart. It started when they attempted to recruit the Ballsy Badass but she wasn’t having it so she ran over Stone’s ankle with her tank. Aliyah was then the catalyst to Indi Hartwell’s first televised win as she defeated Blackheart a couple of weeks ago. Blackheart would find some retribution as she defeated Aliyah last week and then ran over Stone’s other ankle.

Martinez came down with an assist as she took down Blackheart, signaling that she was tired of her.

They meet in the ring tonight but Blackheart decided to send a message to Martinez. Martinez vows to destory her and Blackheart could want nothing more. In fact she actually triple double dog dares her! Martinez responds saying they will play tonight.

Follow up with this match tonight on Diva Dirt during the Discussion Post. Who do you have coming out with the win? Let us know in the comment section below.

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