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Breaking: Maryse Seriously Injured at House Show

Major news coming out of tonight’s SmackDown house show in Raleigh, North Carolina: Newly crowned Divas Champion, Maryse looks to be seriously injured after appearing to blow out her knee during a tag team match.

Maryse teamed up with Natalya to take on the Bella Twins at the show:

Maryse and Natalya were wrestling The Bella Twins in the third match on the show. As Maryse worked one of the twins over in the corner, she suddenly crumpled down to the mat. She appeared to have blown out her knee.

What followed was an awkward scene in which Natalya stood on the apron not knowing what to do while The Bella Twins went around the ring playing up to the crowd. Special guest referee Kung Fu Naki stood over Maryse talking to her. The road agent for the match threw up the “X signal” and a number EMTs, referees and road agents hit the ringside area. Meanwhile, Natalya entered the ring and made one of the twins submit to the sharpshooter to put an end to the match. Maryse was then carted off on a stretcher.

To be injured is bad enough, but to be injured just a few days after winning the Divas Championship? I can’t imagine how Maryse is feeling right now. Our thoughts are with Maryse at this time.

More information as we get it.

UPDATE: According to reports, it looks like one of the Bella twins may be at fault (thanks Christi84):

After a few minutes, a Bella twin tried to dropkick Maryse. I’m thinking her intent was to either miss entirely or possibly contact her thigh, but she instead landed square on the kneecap. It looked like a freak occurrence. Maryse shrieked loudly and collapsed to the mat.

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