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Bred From a Bigger Dynasty Than the Lakers

Natalya in “Dynasty Diva”

We’re debuting a new format for our Eye Candy posts – complete with more detailed critiques and “graded” categories. View the photoshoot we’ve “hung” on our wall, read our critique, vote, and last but not least – sound off in the comments!

The Look: You don’t get much more simple than a skin-toned dress, but the single sleeve makes it interesting. It’s tight, but not too tight, so Natalya avoids the “potato sack” look, and the exposed bra strap is surprisingly sexy – it doesn’t look nearly as trashy as it could. I suppose it has a lot to do with how Natalya handles herself in photoshoots. She doesn’t go overboard with the “sexpot” thing, and she has a unique build, so she can get away with looks that might make other Divas look a little skanky. I’m loving her hair too – I might never get over her ditching her red hair, but the pink-and-blonde look definitely suits her. She does it better than Avril Lavigne, that’s for sure.. Grade: A-

The Poses: Natalya goes from seductive to sweet in the span of these photos, and convincingly pulls off all of them. The casual poses benefit the casual look, and she ends up looking much more sexy than she would sticking her butt out, grimacing, or any of the other “sexy” poses. Grade: A

Uniqueness: Natalya is a pretty unique Diva, from her look to her persona. Thus, her photoshoots stand out from the “pack”, for good reasons or bad. In this case, it’s definitely for good reasons. It seems like a rather plain photoshoot, but she does so much with so little. Grade: A-

Overall: She proves that there isn’t one definition of “sexy” when it comes to Divas. Massive amounts of cleavage or a gaggle of suggestive poses aren’t mandatory in order to look hot, and she shows that in spades. Grade: A

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