Sunday, December 10, 2023

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Brie & Nikki Pose Pretty in Pink

Diva duo photoshoots are often pretty interesting, and Brie & Nikki Bella‘s second dual photoshoot “Pair in Pink”, is still pretty cool. However, it’s easy to tell that this could get old pretty quick. I mean, how much more can you do other than the back-to-back pose? Granted, they could always get a bit more creative with it, but I hope they start to give each girl their own photoshoots. I’d love for them to show their individuality and uniqueness rather than just selling them as a package deal. As a twin myself, I’m probably more inclined to be sensitive to the “twin individualism” thing. It’s definitely a pet peeve. :P Perhaps we could do a post highlighting Nikki & Bella’s differences. For me, it’s all in the eyes. But that’s for another day..

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