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British Boot Camp Contest Entry: Why Jenny Sjödin Deserves Her Big Break

In partnership with TNA British Boot Camp, Diva Dirt asked fans to tell us who on the European indy scene deserves a big break. Below is submission from reader Caylan Samuel.

In my opinion, I believe that Jenny Sjödin should have a big break. My reasons for this is that she has worked hard from since her debut on the 7th of July 2007. Since then, Jenny has worked in all the top wrestling promotions in the U.K, For example, Fightstar Sports Entertainment (FSE), Futureshock Wrestling (FSW) and Pro-Wrestling: EVE. Since debuting, Sjodin has managed to capture the Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship and the Nordic Women’s Championship, which she both held once.

Also, she is not just found success in professional wrestling. She has conquered the submission grappling scene. She has achieved the Women’s Advanced No-Gi 120–139.9 lbs Division Silver Medal, the Female Division Gold Medal and European Championship Silver Medal.

This is an asset to her wrestling career because it causes many opponents to tap out. This makes them fearful that she could snap on a submission from out of no where.

This will make her fit into the Knockouts roster because the division needs a submission specialist. Gail Kim can do it, but it doesn’t fit her face roll at the moment. Someone like Jenny could fit that role perfectly.

Also, she has her own look, which is what the Knockouts roster is all about.

In addition to that, she has worked with some of the Knockouts like Angelina Love and Jessicka Havok. She could put on great matches with them because she has understood that “wrestler’s style” of wrestling.

And finally, if she does come to TNA, it creates a dream match: Gail Kim vs. Jenny Sjodin in a Submission match. Imagine that on a Pay-Per-View, like Bound For Glory.

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The second season of TNA British Boot Camp will air in the UK later this year on Challenge TV.

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