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Brooke Hogan Keeping Busy After TNA: New Music and Reality Show Appearance

Over the summer, VP of the Knockouts division Brooke Hogan parted ways with TNA.

We haven’t heard much from Brooke over the last few months, but she recently spoke with and clued us in to what she’s been up to lately.

Hogan recently filmed an episode of the television show Weird America, a program about “psychic energies” and other paranormal phenomena.

“I’m actually personally interested in this show because I have a little bit of history with a psychic background, kind of a sixth sense-type thing,” Hogan told the website.

Brooke also mentioned she’s been working on reigniting her music career. If you remember in 2005, Hogan had a brief musical career with her song “About Us”. Looks like she’s working on creating some more tunes.

“I’ve been in Nashville for a little bit. I’ve come up with a great set of songs, and I have a lot more than I need for one album right now. I just kind of took a break and needed to start over,” Hogan said.

There wasn’t any mention of her TNA departure in the article, but it looks like Brooke is still determined as ever to achieve success, in typical Hogan fashion.

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