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Brooke Talks Returning to TNA, Six-Sided Ring, a Knockout in the Hall of Fame & More

While in the UK for the London Film and Comic Con, former Knockouts Champion Brooke spoke to The Huffington Post UK, giving her opinion on the return of the six-sided ring, a new season of British Boot Camp and the influx of big names into TNA.

The return of TNA’s British Boot Camp: “[Gail Kim is serving as a judge] Which is really awesome. I think she’s a great pick, she’s been doing this for 15 years and so that is a great move for Impact Wrestling. But I also want to see a few more talents involved. We had a number last time – the Blossom Twins, Rockstar Spud and ‘Party’ Marty. I’d also like to see more training – the more grueling part of pro-wrestling.”

The return of the six-sided ring: “[You think of wrestling, and you think of four sides]..and growing up that’s what you see, 4 sides! You might think more of MMA and the octagon when it’s that style of ring. I’ve never wrestled in it so I personally and have no idea what it’s like but it’s not something that I’m personally very excited about. It’s going to be confusing.”

Big names being brought into top TNA storylines: “In my view, it should be whatever’s best for the show and not just bringing in someone with a past following. We have future stars and they’re the ones that need the push not somebody that has already had a name. It does seems that anyone that has had a name has the opportunity to come in and be on top but we’re full of a lot of talent that can be used.”

Also on the UK press tour, Brooke spoke to Sportsvibe about returning to the ring, the toughest Knockout she’s faced and the possibility of a Knockout being inducted into TNA’s Hall of Fame.

Returning to the Knockouts division: “Since I’ve been gone, I’ve been able to rest up and do a bit of training, some more research and keep an eye on what’s going on in the Knockouts division…I’m ready to get back in there and go for the gold again.”

The toughest woman she’s wrestled: “100% the toughest female wrestler I’ve ever been in the ring with is Gail Kim. I always say I think she took five years off my life…I would have never been able to grow and exceed the limits that I have now without wrestling Gail Kim.”

A Knockout in the TNA Hall of Fame: “There are a few inductees that I have in mind, like Gail Kim. I feel like it could be in the near future. Maybe not next year, but the year after that.”

Watch the full interview below:

Do you agree with Brooke about the six-sided ring?

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