Monday, February 26, 2024

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Can I Interest You in a Candice Zinger?

michelle-trishAh, there’s nothing like coming home with a new baby… so I can rush to the Internet and see what’s what! So Beth scores a big one on Raw, more tedious Royal Rumble themed photos and one of the interns has decided to school us on SHIMMER. But what really cheered up this cranky new mum at 4am this morning, was a little line in Michelle McCool‘s Universe blog. In addressing the current Divas Champion, the former Divas Champion took a cheap shot at Maryses wardrobe:

Oh…..and by the way, about your new outfit – Candice Michelle called. She wants her robes back! Judging by your “style,” your her #1 fan – now that my friend is something to be proud of! (insert sarcasm here)!

Now that’s what I call a zinger… with extra added zing!

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