Friday, December 1, 2023

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Candice Feelin’ a Lil’ Blue?

With Candice‘s return seemingly imminent, there seems to be a spanner thrown in the works…

The above is advertising for SmackDown’s move from the CW to MyNetworkTV in the fall and prominently features the former Women’s Champion. Will Candice be making her re-emergence on Friday nights? While I’m not a Candice fan by any means, I think this would be a huge blow to Raw as they will lose yet another face. Not to mention, this will overcrowd SmackDown’s already steady and growing division. With Michelle McCool and Maria at the forefront of SmackDown, there’s hardly room for Candice too! WWE is already showing signs of booking Maria at the expense of Michelle, what will become of the Divas Champion if Candice jumps too? Meanwhile over on Raw, Candice’s return could surely take the edge off of Mickie James‘ current stale run as Women’s Champion and top babyface. Candice has a built-in return angle with Beth Phoenix too, let’s not forget.

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