Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Your Inner Fangirl is Showing, Beth..

Beth Phoenix seems to be in a “Dark Knight” mood, as she’s again posing with a bit of a Batman theme. This time, in a photoshoot titled “The Two Faces of Beth Phoenix” (which I’m calling “Two-Face” because I know that’s what they’re going for anyways), she’s posing as both a black-suited figure reminiscent of Christian Bale’s caped crusader and a green-and-purple grinning maniac in the vein of Heath Ledger’s celebrated Joker persona. I think it’s pretty cool and inventive, and I can’t blame Beth a bit for letting her fangirl out – I’m pretty crazy about Hulk and Spider-Man, and Melanie loves her some Superman, so we can’t exactly fault her for it! But where’s Two-Face, Beth? Perhaps a charred face would’ve been too much for viewers. :P


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