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Candice LeRae reveals she is having a baby boy

Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano have confirmed that they are having a baby boy! The couple announced the pregnancy in August.

In a video that was posted by Gargano, he was in their home playing with a balloon and their dog. LeRae stopped him from doing so while letting him know that the balloon holds the answer on if they are going to have a boy or a girl. Gargano then explained he through they were going to go with another idea to reveal the sex of their baby. His ideas apparently included a stork and a prison….?

After confirming that he has a stork guy named Mork, he tossed the balloon to LeRae but their dog popped it. This revealed the blue powder, which went all over LeRae, to indicate they are having a boy. Gargano was pleased with the news but LeRae seemingly wasn’t ready to find out just yet.

In other recent news for the couple, Fightful Select has been reporting on the contract status of Gargano. His contract is reportedly set to expire in December and at this time a new one has not been discussed but the intent is to happen this fall.

As for LeRae, her contract has more time on it than her husband’s. Hers doesn’t expire until sometime in 2022. Fightful says that her deal has not been “frozen” by WWE during her pregnancy which some people have been inquiring. She will continue to remain as an on-screen character. She has reportedly wanted to remain on-screen for as long as she plausibly could. NXT is said to have been happy with her performance in and out of the ring.

LeRae has remained on television throughout most NXT episodes since she revealed she is pregnant. She was last seen this past Tuesday at the InDex wedding.

Congratulations to the happy couple on their baby boy announcement.

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