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Casting Call: Daffney, Layla & Torrie Wilson

Welcome to another new feature here at Diva Dirt. You’ve already seen our ‘Screen Sirens’ but in ‘Casting Call’ we fit the role around the Diva. Which shows would your favourite Diva fit into? We’ve come up with the solutions judging from their characters and their own history.


Diva: Daffney
Show: Supernatural
The 411: Supernatural does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s a show about two [sexy] brothers facing all sorts of ghoulish nightmares come true! All the while, they deal with their daddy issues and the female fans hope to see some skin.
Role: Some sort of demon from hell.
Why: If it’s not obvious already, Daffney most certainly has the looks of someone who belongs on Supernatural. Whether it be a vampire, a gothic witch or whatever… Daffney could cause some havoc to a few innocent people before being slayed by Sam and Dean.

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Diva: Layla
Show: So You Think You Can Dance or America’s Best Dance Crew
The 411: They’re dance competitions. One is about individuals competing for the prize of ‘America’s Favourite Dancer’ and the other is a little more street, with dance crews battling it out.
Role: Guest judge.
Why: She can’t be any worse than Ellen can she? Judging by her tweets, Layla is a big fan of both shows and her years in the Miami Heat show that she’s got the expertise to back up her judgements. If ever there was a celebrity judge spot and they happened to want a WWE Diva, she gets our pick!


Diva: Torrie Wilson
Show: The Hills
The 411: Rich white people drama.
Role: An exaggerated version of herself.
Why: They say The Hills is a ‘reality’ show, but we all know it’s scripted… And how’s this for a plot twist? Torrie Wilson stopping by to catch up with her I’m a Celebrity co-stars. I can see it now: lunch date with Holly Montag and then a club showdown with Heidi and Spencer Pratt.

What has been your favourite casting? Vote below!

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