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Celebrate Melina’s 5-Year Anniversary With Diva Dirt

April 14th marks the 5 year anniversary of Melina‘s WWE debut, and we here at Diva Dirt want to commemorate that with an audio special akin to what we recently did for Maria, but this time we’ll be looking at Melina’s career through your eyes. What are your favorite Melina moments? They can extend back to her days before the WWE or be as recent as last year. In the comments below, share your favorite moments of Melina’s career (thus far) and we’ll be sure to include them in our tribute.

Why are we doing this for Melina, as opposed to any other Diva? Well, this is a special personal project for me, as I have known Melina personally for almost 8 years now. I used to run her official website and have known her from her early indy days, so I know fully well that this career milestone is a big deal for her. Thus, I would love to honor her with some special fan appreciation. It’s an “anniversary gift”, if you will. So, if you’re a fan of Melina, please be a part of this and help us commemorate her 5 years in the WWE!

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