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Celebrity Apprentice Recap: March 14th, 2010

Unless you’ve been absent from Diva Dirt for quite a while (tsk tsk, if so), you’d know that tonight saw the premiere of the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, featuring Maria. Below, we have a full recap of the show’s events, courtesy of Dan from For photos and videos from the show, be sure to visit

* Maria was introduced as a former WWE Diva when all the celebrities were introduced. Donald Trump greeted the teams (men vs. women) and told them about the challenges they will face on this season. He prompted the teams to split up and a team name along with a project manager for the opposing team in preparation for the upcoming challenge.

* Team Rocksolid (the men’s team) chose Cyndi Lauper as the project manager for Team Tenacity (the women’s team), while Team Tenacity chose Bret Michaels as the men’s project manager. Donald Trump told the teams their challenge would be to run a restaurant, including hostessing, serving, and cooking the food. Team Tenacity had a tremendous turnout, which Team Rocksolid was having trouble due to their expensive menu prices. In the middle of the challenge, Donald called previous Celebrity Apprentice winner, Joan Rivers, asking her to check out both restaurants so he could get her feedback on each team. Joan had nothing but negative things to say about Team Rocksolid, saying they were slow, too expensive, and the food was cold. Upon visiting Team Tenacity’s restaurant, Joan praised the girls’ work.

* In the board room, Team Rocksolid was announced the winners having raised more money. Because of this, Team Tenacity was put up for elimination, with one of the girls going home. When Donald asked Maria who she would fire if she was in his shoes, she said that she didn’t feel comfortable answering that question. He asked her again after asking all the other girls and told him Carol. When it was all said and done, Carol was the one eliminated due to the team’s unanimous vote against her. In a preview for next week’s episode, it is the Kodak challenge.

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