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Recap of Celebrity Apprentice Episode 7 with Maria Kanellis

Recap of last night’s episode below, courtesy of our friends at Maria Kanellis Online. Please head over there for more including pictures and videos from the show!
On this week’s episode, Mr. Trump decided to switch things up. With RockSolid down to 2 members, Donald moved Curtis Stone over to Tenacity while Sharon Osbourne and Maria were moved over to RockSolid to team with the remaining Bret Michaels. This week’s challenge was creating and running an exercise class at 24 Hour Fitness, Sharon & Holly were the project managers.

The ‘new’ RockSolid were working well together and having alot of fun with their class theme, creating a “RockStar Bootcamp” with Maria taking lead as the trainer. Sharon took to getting donations for the challenge, hitting up the WWE since it just so happened her husband Ozzy was hosting Monday Night Raw that night. With a hefty donation of $10,000 each coming from the WWE, Vince McMahon and even John Cena RockSolid seemed to be on the right track. The class seemed to be a huge hit with everyone involved however, the employee from 24 Hour Fitness was a bit concerned with a few of the more “provocative” moves.

When it came down to the boardroom, both teams seemed to be playing the same card thinking that their competition had done a better job. RockSolid came out on top for a moment, winning the $24,000 bonus from 24 Hour Fitness and having that added to their total, leaving them with a total of $131,803 dollars earned for the challenge. However, with a total of $206.009 Tenacity took home the win for this week. In a surprising turn of events, Mr. Trump didn’t fire anyone from RockSolid seeing as both teams earned over $300,000 for the challenge.

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