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Celebrity Diva Search: Tyra Banks

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s looked at a celebrity on TV or in a music video and thought, “Damn she would make a great WWE Diva.” Well with Celebrity Diva Search, we aim to share with you one celebrity each week, who we think has the Diva look and could kick ass too.

She is the multi-millionaire supermodel turned talk show host. The first ever black model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, Tyra Banks has walked runways all across the world before retiring from the modelling industry. Now she is the Emmy award-winning host of The Tyra Banks Show as well as hosting and producing, America’s Next Top Model. Tyra also coined the term ‘fierce’.

Why she’d make a great Diva
With her supermodel looks, photoshoots and looking hot on a weekly basis comes second nature to Tyra. But what we really love her for is for her passion and personality that she shows on Top Model. Tyra often does quirky and crazy things on the show which would make for a great character on either Raw or SmackDown. She may be a supermodel but she’s also got attitude, just ask some of the girls who’ve crossed her on ANTM.

Character Traits
As a former supermodel, she would definitely play into the stereotype of a snobby heel thinking she’s better than all the other Divas and too good for the men. But once she gets in the ring, she’s full of cocky attitude and ready to cut a bitch down.

“America’s Next Top Diva”, Tyra Banks

Entrance Music
“Shake Ya Body” by herself!

Finishing Move
“Full Fierce” (spear)

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